Lush Bath Bombing | Granny Takes a Dip


Granny Takes a Dip ($6.95 CDN) is a 60s-inspired bath bomb made with psychedelic swirls (minus the hallucinogenic drugs) and a pink outer ring made of bubbly bar. With the scents of uplifting lemon oil, spicy black pepper and fresh ginger oil, this bath bomb is sure to provide a trippy bath time experience. May I also suggest listening to dub step while this is effervescing?

Lush Bath Bomb Granny Takes a Dip

Lush Bath Bomb Granny Takes a Dip

Final Verdict: My like scale of bath bombs ranges from “like to wish I could eat”and this one is “wish I could eat”! First of all, your bath starts off pink with spots of blue, eventually settling to purple. It smells citrusy and refreshing thanks to the lemon oil and left me feeling pretty rejuvenated. This bath bomb is fairly large in size so it will last you at least 2 baths depending on how generous you are. I love that this bath bomb is also very visually pleasing and is a great gift for yourself or for someone who you feel deserves it!

PR sample provided for bath time review.

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