I love cosmetics | Raspberry & Blackberry Body Butter and Strawberries & Cream Bubble Bath and Shower Creme

When it comes to things I love, food and bath products are right up there for me in terms of determining my happiness and when these two things are combined I am like a kitten on catnip! I have sniffed the I love… products while perusing the aisles of Shoppers Drug Mart and could never decide on a scent because they all smelled so deliciously edible! I love… is a company based in the UK that prides itself on paraben-free formulations along with only natural additives for their bath and body line of products.

I Love...

I Love...Raspberry and Blackberry Body Butter

Let’s start with the Raspberry and Blackberry Body Butter ($9.99) that is so thick and moisturizing that I was using just the amount stuck on the lid for a few days! This body butter moisturizes skin using coconut oil and shea butter and is the perfect type of body moisturizer for the coming drier months. I found the scent of this body butter to be sweet and creamy and at times a wee bit strong. There were times when the scent reminded me of cherry antibiotics so my feelings about this body butter might be entirely in my head. I have a feeling I might prefer this more in a shower gel as the scent might not be quite as strong.

I Love...Strawberries and Cream Bubble Bath

Now, let’s move on to my FAVOURITE new bubble bath! The Strawberries & Cream Bubble Bath ($9.99) makes your bathroom smell like what I can only imagine a candy factory would smell like! This smells good in the bottle, but do yourself a favour and draw yourself a bath with this stuff because it gets SO MUCH BETTER! Even the hubby keeps asking to use it because the scent is lightly sugary, creamy and mentally sends me to a place where unicorns, glitter and hearts co-exist. The bubble factor also adds to this product’s awesomeness as you’ll think you’re living on a strawberry-scented cloud of happiness. Have I talked this product up enough for you? I love it and I can’t get enough of it!

I love cosmetics are sold EXCLUSIVELY through Pharmaprix and Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada. Other scents in this line include Coconut & Cream and Mango & Papaya.

Edit: The body butter is not paraben-free, but the shower gel is.

PR samples sent for review and only honest opinions!

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