Cleaning my Makeup Brushes with brushegg Brush Cleaner! Review, Video and Giveaway!

I was browsing on Instagram one night when I happened to come across what looked like a mini version of the Sigma makeup glove, which I think is a great idea, but horrifically overpriced. It turns out this super cute brush-cleaning tool was none other than the brushegg ($10 CDN) that has only recently started shipping to Canada. Made of high-grade silicone, brushegg is compact and really is just larger than the size of an egg!

brushegg Brush Cleaner

brushegg Brush Cleaner (2)

brushegg Brush Cleaner (3)

Available in either pink or mint green, the high-grade silicone brushegg fits over just two fingers and has smaller knobs for foaming or lathering or for cleaning smaller eye makeup brushes. The linear grooves are for agitating brush bristles to release dirt, oil and makeup without damaging them. I should also add that this is great for cleaning sponges as well! I was able to clean my Beauty Blender much more quickly thanks to the grooves.

Here is a video of me cleaning my Beauty Blender, a blush brush and a small eye pencil brush and you will see how fast it is! I was able to do all three in about 2 minutes!

Final Verdict: I hate cleaning my brushes, but this little tool made things so fast and easy that I *might* look forward to the task from now on!

And if you’ve made it this far, you will probably be pretty convinced that brushegg really works so I am excited to have partnered up with brushegg Canada to give one reader a pink brushegg to call their own! This giveaway is open to Canadians only and will end on September 29nd! Also head on over to Exquisitely Chic and enter her giveaway too! (You can only win once per blog) Good luck!

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