Lancome | Grandiose Mascara Review with Before and After and Application Video (Yes, I Actually Speak!)

Surprise, surprise I am yet ANOTHER beauty blogger who is going to talk about the new Lancome Grandiose Mascara ($35 CDN) that has been the latest topic of conversation when it comes mascara innovation. With a revolutionary “swan-neck” that grants us access to uncharted eyelash territory, I am getting ready to be introduced to my inner corner lashes…

Lancome Grandiose Mascara

Lancome Grandiose Mascara (2)

Packaging with an encased black Lancome rose. Tres chic.

Lancome Grandiose Mascara Swan Neck

I feel like mascara brushes have been going the same direction as cell phones in that BIGGER must be BETTER. I swear, there are some brushes that are bigger than my eye. How the hell am I supposed to see what I’m doing?! I was glad to see that Lancome created a smaller, more precision-based wand.

Lancome Grandiose Mascara

Final Verdict: For a mascara that I thought was going to be quite gimmicky, the functionality of it was impressive. As I mentioned in my horrifically amateur video, the wand takes a bit of twist to pull out of the bottle because of the curved neck, but just as Lancome promises, the curve of the neck actually makes mascara application easier. Especially when it comes to “pushing” the wand up against the lashes for more volume. The “crossover” is also a bit smoother as I felt the curved wand eliminated a lot of the blind spots. Next, someone needs to create a wand with a little mirror and I’ll be happy.

I also didn’t know what black was until I used Grandiose. It may sound like a racial mascara comment, but this mascara is VERY black which for those of you with light lashes will be like night and day once you have it on. The formula is thicker, but not overly wet and I didn’t suffer from any lash droopage despite my lashes being thin. I’m starting to think that they are tougher than they seem. I got some lovely volume out of this mascara and plenty of definition. I did see some clumping at the lash tips, but wasn’t overly bothered by it. Overall, I think the Grandiose Mascara is definitely worth a try based on the numerous results that have been posted online. My eyes looked bigger, more awake and the swan-neck wand genuinely made application much easier. No joke!

Mascara provided by Influenster  and Lancome Canada.

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