*New Release* Vasanti Cosmetics | Myeong-Dong Collection

I don’t normally share press releases unless I am really excited about a particular collection, but when I had a peek at the latest release by Canadian company Vasanti Cosmetics, I could not keep it to myself! Inspired by a trip to Seoul, South Korea, co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Pinki Gosal created the Myeong-Dong (“bright town) Collection after seeing all of the colour in the main shopping district of Seoul.


Lightning Liner Liquid Eyeliner ($18 CDN) comes in four matte shades to suit every complexion and eye colour. Wake Me Up – nude peach and works as a clarifier on the eyelids, Calm – periwinkle lavender, Storm – smoky grey and Thunderbolt – vibrant cobalt blue all work to instantly wake up tired-looking eyes.

Vasanti Eyeshadows

Silky Eyeshadow Duo ($22 CDN) now comes in 10 additional colour combinations (L-R): Grand Canyon - matte peach / cranberry shimmer, Casa Mila - rich purple / royal blue, Lake Palace - gunmetal / jewel green, Lost City - matte gray / black teal, Masonic Temple - pink sparkle / metallic purple, Painted Desert - charcoal sparkle / antique brass, Purple City - rich violet / pale lavender, Notre Dame - bronzed pink / golden pink, Sahara - golden bronze / white gold and Taj Mahal - metallic rose / luminescent Cream.


Kajal Extreme Intense Eyeliner ($18 CDN) comes in the new Green Graphite.


Vitamin E Infused Lipshine ($15 CDN) comes in four new shades: Rio Grande – nude beige, St. Lawrence – pale lavender pink, Belle River – bright coral peach and River Finn – bright plum.



Ultra Luxe Lipstick ($15 CDN) comes in three new shades: Breezy Belize– milky nude pink, Lucky Irish– rich lavender and Trini Love– universal orange.


See the Light Powder Highlighter Duo in Golden Child ($29 CDN) is a perfect combination of white gold champagne and a rich 18K gold works on all skin tones from fair to deep.

The new Myeong-Dong Vasanti Cosmetics collection is now available online and at Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall locations across Canada.

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