Shu Uemura | Richmond Centre Opening with Makeover by Taca Ozawa!

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the new shu uemura counter opening at The Bay in Richmond Centre and get my makeup done by the amazing makeup artist Taca Ozawa! Richmond Centre is a one hour drive for me so it just goes to show how much I wanted to go to the opening!

shu uemura (5)

shu uemura

shu uemura (8)

shu uemura (3)

There is ice cream in there! Chocolate, strawberry or vanilla!

shu uemura (6)

They’re all wearing shu eyelashes!

shu uemura taca ozawa

Taking direction from Taca Ozawa. I have no idea what to do in front of a camera. I don’t even know how I manage any decent pictures to share with you all on the blog!

shu uemura taca ozawa (2)

This eye look was created using the Brave Beauty Eye Palette in Green with almost every shade. I loved everything about this look and as Taca was creating it, I just keep looking in the mirror and thinking to myself, “Now, THIS is how a green eye shadow look should be done!” By the time the look was complete, my eyes looked like they had grown to anime-like proportions!

The whole makeover experience was like nothing I had ever experienced! First of all, the final makeup look was just stunning, but Taca spent about an hour on my eyes, taking his time to make sure he was creating a true work of art (not to sound cheesy, but that’s seriously how it felt!). I felt so sad taking off this look and I can only hope that my peasant-like attempts at re-creating this look will come even half as close as to what Taca created! The new shu uemura counter is sleek and luxurious, yet fun and approachable. It’s the ideal spending situation!

Thank you to the shu uemura Team at The Bay in Richmond Centre for the warm welcome and of course Taca Ozawa for making a #BraveBeauty outta me!

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