Swatch It Up | OPI DS Titanium

One of the very first polishes that I EVER purchased was OPI DS Extravagance (swatch) and ever since then the DS line has always been one of my favourites with colours and finishes that are absolutely stunning. This Fall, OPI is releasing two new additions to the DS family with the precious stone-inspired hues: DS Tourmaline and DS Titanium. I will start with DS Titanium, a stunning glittery dark silver with blue, gold and iridescent glitter that is comfortably opaque in 3 coats. The formulation of these two new polishes is referred to as “polished quartz” as the natural finish is semi-matte with a diamond dust sparkle, but can be brought to a high shine with top coat. The pictures below are with top coat.

OPI - DS Titanium (3)

OPI - DS Titanium

OPI - DS Titanium (2)

I can honestly say that I have never quite seen a polish like DS Titanium and I loved the blue and gold glitter sparkling amidst the dark grey polish. I felt like I was wearing genuine rock bits on my nails! Application was easy with the famous Pro-Wide brush, but I found that 2 coats made this polish look somewhat jelly-like while 3 made it opaque.

DS Tourmaline and DS Titanium will be available beginning September 3, 2014 at professional salons and spas for $14.95 CAN.

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