HAIR | Hot Tools One Step Blowout Volumizer with Before and After Pics!

I talked a little bit on Instagram about this revolutionary hairstyling tool last Fall after receiving one through the London Drugs Beauty event as we were all quite enamoured with it! It became one of those things like a hairdryer where I was just using it all the time and it felt like I didn't NEED to talk about it as it was such a big part of my life as is, but the One Step Blowout Volumizer really isn't like any hairstyling tool I have used before. I have already reviewed a blow dryer and a straightener in the past and after you review one of those, it's hard to to add much more to the conversation unless it makes your meals too! 

Hot Tools One Step Blowout Volumizer
PR gifted

Though this was not the first time I had seen a hairdryer and brush combined, this was the first time I'd actually seen people be able to dry their hair completely in under 10 minutes while having it look like they had had a blowout. We are also now in a beauty era where washing your hair every day is almost discouraged so the other benefit with the Blowout Volumizer is its apparent ability to extend the life of second day hair. Personally, my hair tends to look the best on the second day and it is really the third day where I have to put in some extra work to make my hair look like it's not a home for small birds.

Hot Tools One Step Blowout Volumizer

Quick stats:

  • Silkglide Boartech bristles to gently hold on to hair without breaking it and create volume and shine
  • H7 Variable Geometry Oval Design to straighten, style and add volume with ease
  • Refresh3 Activated Charcoal to refresh "dirty" hair (this didn't really add any volume for me and my hair looked the same with dry shampoo on its own)
  • Ion Technology for frizz protection and faster dry time
  • Thermaglide Ceramic Coating to reduce heat damage and add shine
  • Variable Temperature Control 
  • 6' swivel cord
  • Cool tip which lets you "roll" the hair more easily for that blowout look
  • 5 year warranty

Hot Tools One Step Blowout Volumizer

When it comes to the technical stuff, what I will comment on are: the variable temperature control and how easy/hard it was to create that blowout look. Firstly, this baby can get quite loud on HIGH which is the setting I used the most to save on time. It's probably the loudest "hairdryer" I have ever used. When it comes to the temperature control, you need two hands to twist and click to the temperature you would like where I would have preferred a "one-handed thumb slide".

When it comes to that beautiful barrel motion I kept seeing people doing starting at the roots, I tried. I did the sections and watched numerous videos of other people using this and my hair just doesn't style the same way. I don't get the same amount of volume at the roots nor do I get the nice bounce of waviness in the length of my hair. It always just comes out straight probably because it has been chemically-treated though I will say that my hair IS very smooth when I am done. My hair is also quite coarse and doesn't have a great glide on its own so I am really having to pull the brush through even if my hair is tangle-free. I've learned that doing my hair in smaller sections than what I have seen in videos has helped me reduce the amount of force I'm using as I was getting some serious arm workouts before! It also takes about 8 minutes, even with my length of hair, to finish styling/drying so I can't complain.

Towel-dried on right and styled with Hot Tools on left (no product in hair)
Hot Tools One Step Blowout Volumizer

I also tend to lose quite a bit of hair when brushing so as much as I appreciate the luxuriousness of boar bristles closely packed together, I pretty much have a small animal in my brush by the time I am done and even for the product photos, I couldn't get ALL of the hair out so my apologies!

Hot Tools One Step Blowout Volumizer

Hot Tools One Step Blowout Volumizer

Final verdict: Though this tool is found at the drugstore, it is $90 CDN so it is not cheap, but when I compared this to trying to dry my hair with the round brush attachment on the Dyson Airwrap, the Hot Tools one was so much faster! The Dyson also tugged on my hair quite a bit and it was hard to get smooth passes through my hair. Those of you with healthier hair than mine will probably find the Hot Tool One Step Volumizer to be a godsend, but even with my hair the way it is, I still use it regularly as it's fast and makes my hair sleek and fully dry from root to tip. I just don't use it when I have late night showers as I think the noise can be jarring for my husband and cats, but when it comes to drying my hair, I have been consistently using this and the Dyson Airwrap 90% of the time as opposed to a conventional hair dryer because of the ease and time I save.

You can find the Hot Tools One Step Blowout Volumizer at London Drugs.  

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