MAKEUP | 5 Lipsticks That Look Like Crap On Me (With Ugly Lip Swatches of Course!)

This was a post idea that had been brewing in my head since last year when I was doing my beauty clean out and seeing so many strange shades of lipstick emerge from my collection. There was the time of the unicorn hair and crazy lip shades that I really wanted to be able to pull off, but in reality were just something fun to experiment with and bring out for Halloween. When NYX came out with their Cosmic Metals Collection, it was one of the more adventurous posts I worked on (crazy lips here) as I was also enjoying my purple/blue hair, but I think I've mellowed out a bit now as my hair was starting to die from all of the bleaching and now I am left with lip colours that I feel some could pull off, but not this gal. Keep on reading to see what I mean...

 Some PR gifted and are marked with a "*"

There were more colours in my collection to choose from, but swatching five lip products is as much as my temperamental lips can handle so we may have to do a volume two of this series! As you can see from the arm watches, these are not your typical everyday colours with the exception of the brown which, depending on your skin tone, might be a good nude for some. 

Maybelline Midnight Blue in #840

You would think that I received a shade like this in PR, but no. I picked this up on a routine trip to London Drugs and saw a Maybelline Bold lipstick display and thought "Hell yeah I can pull this off!" The fact that I picked this up awhile back and only fully tried in on my lips for the first for this post says how often I will be using it. Maybe this will be a fun monochromatic look to try to put together, but shades like this are so high maintenance to wear in the real world. Though this satin finish applied fairly well with some slight patchiness that I had to touch up with a lip brush, I would be terrified to have this on without a mirror handy!

Maybelline Carnal Brown in #704*

This is a powder matte finish and it one of those "greige" shades that were really popular in the last two years and like I said, I think on certain skintones, this shade could work as a nude, but it really washes me out in person.

NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Sorbae*

I don't think I need to say much about why this shade is a bit odd for me, but what was nice about this lipstick was the creaminess of the formula. It was fairly smooth to apply, but resorted to a lip brush around the edges. I think this would look really cool on a fair-skinned person, but again it sort of just clashes with my skintone.

Sephora x Pantone Universe Rose Quartz*

Like "Sorbae", I think on a fairer skin tone, this might actually look quite cool, but on me this lipstick looked like it was more like something that was "on the way" to being something else. I wanted to draw on polka dots or something. This lipstick formula was super creamy which left a lot of patchiness because the colour would move around quite a bit if I touched it up too much so I think this lipstick will be a permanent prop because the packaging is so cute!

Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick in Ayesha*

Other than the fact that I despise Kat Von D, I really like this lipstick and the shade. It's like "purple greige" or "peige"(?) with a smooth, pigmented matte formula, but you will see in the next photo why I don't wear purples like this.

I don't have the whitest teeth and shades like this make my teeth look incredibly yellow...I guess now would be a good time to try whitening my teeth.I think I have some whitening trays somewhere.

What have you been doing to stay entertained these past few weeks? As I said, I have my days and on this particular day, I felt like playing with ugly lipsticks, but then the day after all I did was go grocery shopping and then take a nap. Stay safe, healthy and sane!

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