Lush | Moisturize your Locks with Blousey Shampoo and Retread Conditioner!

One thing that I have really been struggling with lately is dry, unruly hair. My hair is quite coarse which means that if it gets dry, it just gets frizzy. My baby hairs are everywhere, my bangs refuse to cooperate and I am HATING IT ALL. I am still fighting as we speak although I am trying to pay as much attention to my hair needs as I do my skin needs. What I know my hair needed was moisture. Lots of it! When it comes to Lush shampoos, I have only tried Seanik (which I love), but wanted something that was both gentle and hydrating. The combination of Blousey Shampoo ($25.95 CDN) and Retread Conditioner ($29.95 CDN) seemed to be a potent one as both aim to repair, nourish and provide some serious conditioning to damaged and dry hair.

Lush Blousey and Retread

Lush Blousey

Blousey is filled with mashed up bananas, cocoa and cupuacu butters as well as rose oil, blackcurrant absolute, thyme and rosemary perfume to ensure hair receives as much moisture as possible while still getting a gentle cleansing. The scent is VERY pungent. Bananas contain one the most fragrant esters I’ve ever encountered (first year chem…) and the rose oil is also very apparent. All I can say is that Blousey smells very…honest.

Lush Retread

Retread is Lush’s richest conditioner containing seaweed, lanolin, fresh cantaloupe and protein-rich yoghurt and soya milk with dashes of olive, jojoba and avocado oils to feed dry, frizzy hair! In my mind, this should be termed a hair mask because it is so thick and heavy!

Final Verdict: Blousey was very goopy and was a shampoo that I was literally “plopping” onto my head. It barely lathered and I had to be careful to not get any of it near my eyes at all because the richness of the oils would sting my eyes like crazy!

Retread resembled a heavy, dense yogurt-like cream that I made the mistake of applying to my roots when I first started using it which made the roots of my hair lose a lot of volume. This conditioner/treatment is best applied at the ends of hair where most of the repairing needs to be done. This conditioner can certainly be used as a hair mask and left on for however long you’d like. I know someone who leaves it on the whole day when she doesn’t have to work. This is something I haven’t tried yet, but I can imagine how moisturized your hair and scalp must feel!

Using both Blousey and Retread gave me overnight results with my hair feeling so soft, thick and lustrous the VERY NEXT day. Unfortunately, I’m still suffering from massive baby hair frizz so even though my hair is feeling more hydrated, the frizz is still making it appear that my hair is dry. I have a feeling that in addition to a new shampoo and conditioner routine, I will now be on the hunt for that perfect product to tame baby hairs!

PR samples sent for review.

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