The Tangle Teezer | Painlessly Tame ANY Type of Tresses!

At first glance, I wouldn’t have even guessed what this was if you just handed it to me or WHY it would be useful in my life. I will admit that even looking at the literature for the Tangle Teezer ($25 CDN), I still analyzed the newest in hair gadgetry like a cave person with a furrowed brow and slow rotisserie-like turning motions. Nevertheless, once my analyses were complete I was happy to say that brushing my hair will never be the same! Launched in 2007, Tangle Teezer promises to tackle tangles quickly and painlessly while simultaneously styling and enhancing your hair’s natural shine.

Tangle Teezer

Tangle Teezer (4)

The Tangle Teezer fits right into your palm with curves on its side to fit the contours of your hand. Perfect for throwing in your purse, the teeth are protected with a “click-in/off” cover.

Tangle Teezer (2)

The teeth are of varying heights which is what I believe makes the Tangle Teezer so different than other hair brushes on the market. They are firm, but not painful at all!

Tangle Teezer (3)

The Tangle Teezer can be used to brush both wet or dry hair.

Final Verdict: I will admit that this took a little bit of getting used to as most of us are probably used to having some sort of handle to hold on to. I actually found this a little bit more difficult to use on wet hair than on dry because my hair is quite long and the roots just seemed more tedious to comb out. What I ended up doing was using the Tangle Teezer on the middle to the ends of my hair as that is where most of the tangles were anyway. As promised, I didn’t hear that ill-fated “stretch & snap” of my hair breaking after having a shower!

What I really liked about the Tangle Teezer is using it on dry hair as I found this to be a great little styling tool. I loved using this on my root area as the teeth seemed to give them more volume and lift. If you have longer hair like me, it probably will take a bit longer to brush through all of your hair since not having a handle seems to slow things down, but it does “teeze out” any knotted areas quite painlessly. It also FEELS like I’m getting a scalp massage thanks to those tiny, flexible teeth. If I had kids, I would be using this gadget on their tiny heads all the time!

The Tangle Teezer can be found at all Sephora stores across Canada in 4 sexy colours: Pink Sizzle, Feline Groovy, Gold Rush and Rockstar Black

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