Vera Wang | Forever Vera Eau De Parfum

I first fell in love with Vera Wang fragrance with Princess and Princess Night. I tend to like fragrance with fruit in it so both of these fragrances were ideal for my nose. I don’t often review fragrance because I find it to be one of the hardest things in the world to talk about. It is incredibly emotional and is a beauty product that actually transforms on each person to become specific to their body chemistry. This world of perfumery is just so fascinating and scientifically beautiful that I can’t help but get incredibly romantic when I speak of it. So, now that I’ve gotten all emotional, let us experience Forever Vera (30ml $49 CDN & 50ml $78 CDN) with notes of velvety white peach, gardenia, refreshing coconut water, creamy sandalwood, tonka beans, sheer skin musk, orris, blooming lilac and a drop of rum.

Vera Wang Forever Vera EDP

The Forever Vera bottle is much more elegant in feel in comparison to the more youthful appeal of the Princess series with hammered glass and rope detailing. The scent wears more floral on me and as the day progresses what ends up being left behind is a very faint floral musk. I found this to be a more mature scent, but also very feminine and romantic. I think it is a lovely scent for Fall as there is just a hint of musk, but still carries the lightness of summer with the presence of coconut water and white peach. Sounds to me like the perfect transitional scent into the colder weather!

Now available at Shoppers Drug Mart & London Drugs locations across Canada.

PR sample sent for review.

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