Oral Hygiene Purse Favourites (I Really Don’t Know How to Make That Sound Prettier)

And the oral hygiene love continues! Continuing from my last post (here), we’ve all been in a position where a good brushing or flossing is needed after a meal. I love Greek salad and hummus, but they certainly aren’t the best meals to have before speaking to clients! Check out these purse-friendly favourites to keep your mouth feeling fresh and ready for getting up close and personal!

Oral Hygiene Month

Mouth Kote Dry Mouth Spray

The only time I suffer from dry mouth is when I’m sick and congested , but dry mouth is also a side effect of a number of different medications so if you happen to be someone who suffers from dry mouth, Mouth Kote is a highly recommended option. It has natural xylitol which has been shown to prevent tooth decay and is free of sugar and alcohol. The spray is quite tasty with its lemon-lime flavour and definitely feels like it stimulates salivation. It feels weird for me to say, but that was my personal observation. Mouth Kote also comes in little portable one dose packets and can be swallowed or spat out.

Carry Clean Dental Travel Pack

The Carry Clean On-The-Go Travel Kit is what I carry in my purse now. It’s tiny and compact and even has little interdental piks for those hard to reach places. My only gripe with this little trio is that I prefer soft bristles on my toothbrush and this toothbrush has fairly firm ones.

Do all of you go for regular dental check-ups? I just went for mine and I am cavity-free!

PR samples sent for review.

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