Swatch It Up | *The Giver Collection * China Glaze–Boundary of Memory

It’s October and there are a lot of beauty themes and occasions to be talked about: breast cancer awareness, dental hygiene, Fall beauty and of course, Halloween! Although this polish isn’t really a Halloween polish, it sure looks like one to me with its assortment of matte black and bronze and silver glitter. What polish am I talking about? I’m talking about China Glaze – Boundary of Memory from the limited edition Giver collection. I have not read The Giver (I know, it’s crazy, but it’s on the Goodreads list!) but even the name of this polish has me intrigued and ever so slightly confused at the same time. I am wearing two coats without top coat in all pictures shown below and had some slight issues with viscosity as I found my brand new bottle to be a little on the thick side. Due to this issue, I had a really hard time getting super close to my cuticle line making it look like I have severe nail grow out.

China Glaze Boundary of Memory (2)

China Glaze Boundary of Memory

China Glaze Boundary of Memory (3)

This is not the prettiest glitter I have seen from China Glaze, but it sure is interesting. I found the mixture of matte black and silver and bronze to look almost like a polish from a Halloween collection. I don’t know if i would sport this polish alone, but I love that it is one of those really concentrated glitter polishes that CG does so incredibly well.

Have any of you tried any polishes from The Giver collection? I feel like it’s a collection that hasn’t been talked about very much…maybe it’s just too out there?

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