It’s National Dental Hygiene Month with Kiss My Face and Tom’s of Maine!

I’m not kidding, it really is National Dental Hygiene Month I’m not making it up! At first glance it might be a little strange to be talking oral hygiene on a beauty blog, but when you think about it mouths and teeth are very much beauty related! A smile means nothing without some pearly whites in them and over the years, I have become quite selective over my toothpaste selection and my teeth in general.

Oral Hygiene Month October

Kiss My Face Spearmint Breath Blast Mouthrinse

Kiss My Face Spearmint Breath Blast Mouthrinse (2)

I have only recently gotten into using mouthwash as I don’t really enjoy gargling or swishing. This aversion may be due to inadvertently swallowing some Listerine as a child. YUCK. The taste of certain mouthwashes can be enough to make me sick so I was hesitant to swish the Kiss My Face Spearmint Breath Blast in my mouth for too long. Thankfully, it was so minty that there was virtually no taste. It was just VERY cold and refreshingly minty. This mouthwash uses Xylitol as a natural sweetener and is considered a “tooth-friendly” sugar alcohol and has many health benefits including preventing the flu virus from sticking to nasal and throat passages! Everyone is getting sick at the moment, so swish this stuff NOW!

Kiss My Face Toothpaste

Kiss My Face Toothpaste (2)

The instructions for the Kiss My Face Triple Action Toothpaste actually state to apply a “1 inch strip” of the toothpaste onto a toothbrush. I had no idea there was a length requirement, but I guess that does make sense! I also noticed that the plastic tubing felt softer which is because these toothpaste tubes are #2 Blue Box recyclable!

Both toothpastes contain tea tree oil (antibacterial) and are also flavoured with Xylitol.

Kiss My Face Toothpaste (3)

I just had to show you guys the Natural Aloe Vera Gel version because I have never used a a green gel toothpaste before! The consistency moves a bit more slowly than “regular” toothpaste and even feels jelly-like in the mouth at first, but becomes nice and pepperminty!

Toms of Maine Toothpaste

Toms of Maine Toothpaste (2)

I am currently a Tom’s of Maine toothpaste fan as they are one of my favourite all-natural toothpastes when it comes to taste. I started using Tom’s of Maine this past April in honour of Earth Day and just never stopped! I like having fluoride in my toothpaste because I do not believe that it’s bad for you which is why I currently use the Sensitive version, but for those of you that wish to be fluoride-free there is also a peppermint version.

And there you have it! Some eco-friendly options that will keep your teeth healthy and breath feeling fresh. Eco toothpastes are usually about double the price of the regular guys, but if you are at all interested in going the eco route, Kiss My Face and Tom’s of Maine are WONDERFUL options!

Kiss My Face and Tom’s of Maine can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart and London Drugs locations across Canada.

PR samples provided for review!

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