Shu Uemura | Vision of Beauty Collection Vol. 01 Brave Beauty Orange Palette Makeup Look with Swatches!

My makeup goal before I get too old and inappropriate to wear crazy colours is to try as many outlandish looks as possible. For some reason, the makeup looks I try to create always look much more “brave” in real-life than in photos so something tells me that I am going to have to amp it up in the boldness department! Shu Uemura is really bringin’ it this Fall season with bright pops of colour so let’s begin with the Brave Beauty Eye Palette in Orange ($90 CDN) that I now love SO SO much for Fall!

shu uemura Brave Beauty Orange Palette Makeup Look

shu uemura Brave Beauty Orange Palette

shu uemura Brave Beauty Orange Palette (2)

shu uemura Brave Beauty Orange Palette (3)

shu uemura Brave Beauty Orange Palette Swatches

The orange on the far left is the only matte shade with the rest of the palette being shimmery. The shades I was really in love with were the matte orange, brown, wine and rose gold shades. The middle highlighting shades didn’t show up too well on me.

shu uemura Brave Beauty Orange Palette Makeup Look (2)

shu uemura Brave Beauty Orange Palette Makeup Look (3)

Say hello to my new favourite lashes! These are the Shu Uemura Black V False Lashes ($27 CDN) and are a little expensive, but have the most durable, yet flexible lash band I have seen!

shu uemura Brave Beauty Orange Palette Makeup Look (4)

To create this “Brave Beauty Orange Fall” look:

  • Apply the matte orange shade all over your lid and blend upward
  • Apply the brown shade and smoke out the outer third of your lid and sweep across eyelid crease
  • Apply the wine shade on lower lash line with pencil brush
  • Apply lightest highlighter shade on inner corners of eyes
  • Line lower waterline with Shu Uemura Drawing Pencil in M Brick ($28 CDN)
  • Draw in eyebrows with wine shade (I should have gone WAY bolder and chosen a louder colour!)
  • Line upper lash line with black liquid liner
  • Apply false lashes
  • Apply a peachy pink blush
  • Apply Shu Uemura Tint in Gelato in Blood Orange ($28 CDN) and blot on tissue.
  • Finish with a dab of clear gloss in center of lower lip.

Final Verdict: I had SO MUCH creating this look that I think is TOTALLY wearable on a day-to-day basis. I love the more brave looks that are being created as well, but what the Orange Palette has taught me is that bright orange CAN be worn in an everyday look without looking like I only belong on a catwalk.

The shadows in the palette were so deliciously soft and pigmented and I used no primer in my swatches so what you see, is what you get. The combination of colours really do compliment each other and is unlike any combination I have seen before. I have reviewed a Shu Uemura palette before (review), but I found this one to swatch much more smoothly than the other. This palette has really impressed me and yes it’s $90, so I don’t expect everyone to run out and grab it, but do know that it is an amazing collection of colours that you WILL use and the quality is where I would expect any Shu Uemura product to be.

Now that I have praised the colour orange, will it be a colour you’ll try wearing?

PR samples provided for review.

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