Cake Beauty | Rush Brush–Your On-the-Go Answer to Fresh-Looking Hair!

I’ve been with Cake Beauty a long time. Our relationship is going on 5 years now and I’ve seen and used some pretty unique products that I’ve seen Cake do first. My VERY FIRST dry shampoo was the Satin Sugar Dry Shampoo and even though I loved that freshly baked cookie smell, I was never good at keeping the powdery mess to a minimum. Then came the Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray, which I still use and love. Now, I’ve started a new relationship. This time, it’s with the brand spankin’ new Rush Brush ($22 CDN) which features the much loved satin sugar dry shampoo AND there is actually a DARK dry shampoo powder for those with black hair like me! The two shades shown below are for DARKEST and DARK hair hues.

Cake Rush Brush

Cake Rush Brush (2)

Click the brush into the ON position and the powder comes right out. All you need to do is start swirling your brush in the spots that need a little of sprucing up and that sweet, sweet satin sugar will come right out. This can also be used as a root touch up between trips to the salon (I will need this when my first greys come in).

In terms of scent, Cake always wins it for me. That fresh lemon sugar and vanilla scent is one of the best things to have EVER crossed my nose. I am truly grateful to be alive in a time where I have this scent in my life as it’s like nothing I have ever smelled before!

Final Verdict: THIS is the solution to the issue I had with the canister format of the original Satin Sugar Dry Shampoo. No more accidental, overly concentrated powdery dumps of dry shampoo all over my head! With just 8g of product in the Rush Brush compared to 50g for the same price in the canister, this is definitely a product where you pay for the convenience factor. It’s the perfect purse and travel size and thank goodness it’s refillable! Just unscrew the bottom of the Rush Brush and fill with your shade of Satin Sugar Dry Shampoo. I would probably use a funnel just to minimize product loss.

The Rush Brush is super easy to use and I love how much control I have over where the product is going. Sprays are nice, but there is something about spot-treating the areas of your hair that need it most. For me, it’s always my bangs and I hate over-spraying them or getting dry shampoo spray on my forehead. If you can look past price, the convenience factor and ease of use of the Rush Brush is well worth it!

The Cake Rush Brush is available at Murale in Canada and 

PR sample sent for review.

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