Memebox | Special #18 Smile Care

I haven’t talked much about the latest beauty box sensation to sweep the beauty nation, but I am looking at my stack of SEVEN Memeboxes that I HAD to purchase and realize that I am more addicted than I let on…I have been a long-time fan of Korean cosmetics and I am pleasantly surprised at how the North American market has received Memebox with open arms and wallets. There are A LOT of boxes to choose from, but the #18 Smile Care Memebox ($19) is one that got me truly excited because I do love my teeth!

Memebox Smile Care (2)

Memebox Smile Care

Perioe 46cm Spray

Perioe 46cm Spray (6.5mL/$4)

This a breath freshener spray guaranteed to get rid of that Greek salad breath from lunch! Perfectly purse-sized and is VERY minty-tasting!

L'OCEAN Shea Butter Lio Balm

L’OCEAN Shea Butter Lip Balm in Peach (3g/$9)

Also coming in the scents: grape, citrus, cherries and grapefruit, this yummy-smelling lip balm promises deep hydration to chapped lips. I’m not normally a fan of pots, but this is so shallow that my nails will never get product stuck under them. I find this lip balm to be so soothing and comfortable to wear.

Luminee S7 Days Teeth Whitening Program

Yufit Luminee-S 7 Days Teeth Whitening Program (7 strips/$24)

I haven’t started using these yet because I’m terrible with leaving whitening strips on for very long. I always feel sick because I feel like the whitening contents is going down my throat and burning my stomach. I do want whiter teeth so I will force myself to try one day at least…

MDaida Butter Cream Lip Mask

MDaida Butter Cream Lip Mask and Vita Sugar Lip Scrub(20mL/$15)


OMG, these both smell so juicy and good! My lips have been quite dry lately so I’ve had to exfoliate almost every time I apply lipstick. I am hoping this scrub and mask do the trick!

I LOVED the theme of this Memebox and just in time for Nation Dental Hygiene Month!

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