Review | SOHO Naturals Powder and Kabuki Brush

I remember first seeing SOHO Beauty brushes in my Ipsy bags and not really thinking too much about them. I hadn’t heard of the brand before and when it comes to brushes, I’m not entirely too picky (even though I think I should be). As long as they don’t shed and pick up the right amount of product I’m pretty happy. What I do have a soft spot for are “healthy” makeup brushes that are cruelty-free and come with bamboo handles and recycled packaging. All three of these qualities are what make SOHO Naturals makeup brushes my current makeup brush favourites.

SOHO Naturals Kabuki Brush and Powder Brush

SOHO Naturals Powder Brush (2)

SOHO Naturals Powder Brush

Soho Naturals Powder Brush ($9.99 USD)

Firstly, there was absolutely no shedding in this or the kabuki brush so huge points for that! The bristles are made of a cruelty-free nylon and while they weren’t the softest bristles I’ve ever felt on my skin, the dense bristles did pick up a good amount of product (I used it for loose powder) and distribute it evenly over my face. The handle was also quite light and nicely weighted. The roundness of this powder brush also makes it nice to use with blush, pressed powders or bronzers across all contours of the face.

SOHO Naturals Kabuki Brush

Soho Naturals Kabuki Brush ($12.99 USD)

This was my favourite brush out of the two. The pink nylon bristles may have had something to do with it, but I just loved how dense the bristles for this brush were and how soft they felt across my face. I have been using this for mineral foundation application and I have found application to be even and flawless. I might actually start using this brush for loose powder as well since the bristle density is higher and is therefore able to pick up more product than the powder brush.

Final Verdict: I’ve never really believed that you have to pay a lot for your makeup brushes. Maybe if there’s one that has a cool shape or limited edition handle, then sure, but for the most part I think you can find good quality brushes at a reasonable price. I think the SOHO Beauty line is exactly that and for those of you that enjoy a more natural look and history to your makeup brushes, the SOHO Naturals line encompasses both quality and eco-friendliness.

SOHO Beauty is available at and London Drugs in Canada.

What is the most you have ever paid for a makeup brush? The most for me was $30 for a foundation brush.

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