Swatch It Up | OPI–DS Tourmaline

Early last month, I had mentioned that there were two new additions to the OPI DS family: DS Titanium (swatch) and DS Tourmaline. I have obviously kept you all in suspense with my review of DS Tourmaline (sorry, but if you’ve seen my IG I have been VERY sick and am still fighting whatever hell this bug came from), but here she is! I have on 3 coats, just like when I swatched Titanium, and again there is a lotta sparkle and a lot of depth going on with DS Tourmaline! To put it crudely, this is a pink polish with tons of iridescent glitter. Most of the time, the glitter looks either purple or orange against the pink. The finish is meant to be a little gritty like rocks, but I just use top coat to smooth it out.

OPI - DS Tourmaline (2)

OPI - DS Tourmaline

OPI - DS Tourmaline (3)

Just because this is glittery doesn’t mean it’s a pain in the ass to remove making these newest DS polishes even more inviting to wear. Removal was about the same as regular creme polish so have fun and don’t hold back with these guys!

DS Tourmaline and DS Titanium are available now at professional salons and spas for $14.95 CAN.

PR sample sent for review.

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