LIFESTYLE | Five on Friday - Feb.11 - LEGO Ahsoka Tano, New Ink, LNY Office Setup, Blume Lavender and Extended Versions of LOTR Movies

Last week, I was pretty much gunning to make it to this week as I am on the last few days of a much needed vacation! I haven't taken more than a few days off since the Fall (pretty standard for retail life) and it felt good to plan some things to do around the house, but let's see what I got up to last week!


The newest LEGO Star Wars Brickheadz launch was released last month and I have to say Ahsoka Tano is looking VERY cool! They even got her hair(?) ears (?) right! Super fun to build and I hope they do more as I missed the bulk of the more popular Star Wars Brickheadz characters. I am not even going to try to buy them since they are ridiculously expensive...


I got a new Ferris Wheel Press ink to put in my pen! This is a Toronto-based company with absolutely beautiful inks! This shade here is "Bluegrass Velvet" and it is STUNNING! It's a deep teal and one that works for writing in a professional environment. This was my first ink from FWP, but it certainly won't be my last! 


I got my LEGO Lunar New Year setup done for the office! This is the Year of the Ox Story of Nian set from 2020 (hence the little figure with an ox head) and I grabbed it when it went on sale during Black Friday. What makes this set cute are the figurines and the dragon that comes with it, but I don't "play" very much so I don't know if I would ever buy a set like this again. However, my boss LOVES to play and I often find the LEGO figures placed in odd positions when I'm not around...


This is my first experience with Blume drink mixes and I chose this one because it's more for bedtime and winding down. It also has lavender and spirulina which are two of my favourite things when it comes to tea and food! I mix mine with hot oat milk and water and add a bit of brown sugar or honey. I also love the fact that my drink is blue!


I finally watched all three of the LOTR movies with the deleted scenes! It was actually kind of cool to watch all of them in one go, though we did break it up over two weeks as they each run about 3-4 hours long! I found that most of the deleted scenes helped you understand the characters a little better. There were one or two odd scenes that only seemed to add more confusion to the story, but overall my husband and I had a great time watching all of them! 

Happy Friday everyone and yay for the weekend! What will you be up to? I have some awesome blogger friends who also do these fun Five on Friday posts so be sure to check out Renee, Jill and Chantal!

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