NAILS | Leopard Print Hearts #CBBxManiMonday

I keep thinking today is Sunday because I had yesterday off, but also today which is throwing me off completely! Add to the fact that it is a holiday here so it's quiet outside which further adds to feeling of "Sundayness"! I'm not hating the feeling as I went to bed at 2am so I am feeling a bit like a zombie. Again, I know Valentine's is over, but no one can stop me from doing more hearts!

Heart Leopard Print Nail Art
Press samples provided

As you can see, I am slightly obsessed with the OPI Nature Strong collection! I actually received a few polishes last summer, but they were in shades that I didn't normally wear so I never bothered to wear them. A few weeks ago, OPI sent out most of the entire collection and once I saw the whole colour assortment, I realized that I could probably live off all of these shades! Since Nature Strong is vegan, there are no glitters (usually come from fish scales) so I would have to sub in a few other polishes, but I plan on leaving these polishes easily accessible because there are some shades that NEED to see the world! As for today's manicure, everything was done with a dotting tool!

Heart Leopard Print Nail Art

On My Nails:

(Base Coat) OPI Infinite Shine Primer*

(Base Colour) OPI Nature Strong Strong as Shell*

(Hearts)  OPI Nature Strong A Bloom with a View*, OPI Nature Strong Onyx Skies*

(Top Coat) OPI Nature Strong Top Coat* 

Heart Leopard Print Nail Art

Happy Monday everyone and be sure to check out Renee and Trysh's blogs for their red, white and pink-themed manicures this week!

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