LIFESTYLE | Five on Friday - Feb.4 - Facial, Ozark, Neo Naturelle, Cheekbone Beauty Haul and Greek Salad Obsession!

I feel like a billion years have passed since I did the activities listed in this week's edition of Five on Friday so I guess it has just been one of those weeks! It was a productive week in terms of blogging and putting out some content which, even if there isn't a lot of reach, I still love knowing that I have my own personal "library" of beauty content! 


I have been going to Rejuvenating Body Spa for the past seven years and love this little hole in the wall that you would walk right past on the street! Service is fantastic and the staff value quietness so there isn't a lot of chatter. I love supporting this local business so I try to treat myself to a facial or a massage with them every 1-2 months. This past week, I got a Hydrating Facial along with a Hot Stone Massage which was heaven! 


Season 4 is FINALLY here! Though it's only the first half of it, I have been waiting for this to start up again ever since the "blow your brains out" ending of Season 3! I love the show and the cast, but I find it stressful to watch so if I'm really tired or drained from the day, I prefer to watch something more lighthearted as Ozark is always intense.


I was so proud of myself of getting this blog post for Vancouver-based company Neo Naturelle out there! I have been using the products for the last couple of months and I always take such a long time to put skincare reviews together because I tend to go a lot more in depth with the ingredients and why certain ones matter to me so I was really proud of the content I created for this fantastic brand. Hopefully you get a chance to check it out!


I received my Cheekbone Beauty order! I have been wanting to try their eyeshadow pencils since the launch and also decided to try their Complexion Pencil so hopefully I chose the right shade! The packaging is seed paper that you can plant and their pencils are made with sustainably sourced materials and ingredients. I love that they are sticking to improving the environment while creating products that are good quality. I will review these for you all soon!

I have been Greek salad crazy! I have been eating this non-stop for lunches ever since picking up some tri-colour rotini and love adding a TON of feta to my salads! For my dressing, I just like lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper so I can taste the veggies. I think the only thing I am missing is a pepper! 

Happy Friday everyone and yay for the weekend! What will you be up to? I have some awesome blogger friends who also do these fun Five on Friday posts so be sure to check out Renee, Jill and Chantal!

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