NAILS | Abstract Love featuring OPI Nature Strong

While I may not necessarily celebrate Valentine's Day, I sure do love a good pink manicure and after doing one round of Valentine's Day nail art, I had to have more! I've always loved the abstract manicures with lines and dots so I wanted to try to create this with solely OPI Nature Strong polishes just to see how a vegan polish measured up to the "regular guys" in terms of ease of use in nail art and as a full base nail colour. As you can see, the polishes did not disappoint!

Pink Heart Nail Art
PR samples

Your creativity can run wild with what you want to draw, but I was really feeling the dry brush and dotted art so I used the nail brush itself and dotting tools to create the pink portions. Then I used black acrylic paint for the black accents which I felt added a bit of definition to the manicure! Other than some light tip wear, this manicure has been going HARD for over a week!

Pink Heart Nail Art

On My Nails:

(Base Coat) OPI Infinite Shine Primer*

(Base Colour) OPI Nature Strong Strong as Shell*

(Design) OPI Nature Strong Emflowered*, Natural Mauvement*, OPI Nature Strong A Bloom with a View* and black acrylic paint  

(Top Coat) OPI Nature Strong Top Coat* 

Pink Heart Nail Art

What will you be getting up to this long weekend? I think we will be furniture shopping and measuring the apartment!

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