NAILS | It's the Year of the..Tigger?

I had so much fun drawing the tiger on my Lunar New Year nails for #CBBxManiMonday that I went hunting for more tiger nail art! I stumbled the CUTEST Tigger design from Dahlia Nails from a couple awhile back, but let's face it, Tigger and the whole Winnie the Pooh crew are always going to be awesome much like the Sesame Street family!

Tigger Nail Art
Press samples

I apologize for the Cheeto-esque cuticle on Tigger, but there was a mishap and I actually had to paint OVER my mistake as I hate removing the whole nail completely so there are like 6 layers of polish on poor Tigger! I used SH Insta-Dri in Sunset Orange* as my base and then hand-painted the black stripes with acrylic paint. For Tigger's face I used the nude polish "Antique" from CND Vinylux* and acrylic paint for the details. What I think really makes this manicure cool is that they are matte! I was going to go with high polish, but I tested it out on my thumb and I liked the effect that Jo from Dahlia Nails had going on so I'm glad I did it!

Tigger Nail Art

I am counting down to the weekend because I am on staycation next week where I plan on getting lots of house things done! Have a great day everyone!

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