LIFESTYLE | Five on Friday - Feb.25 - Diamond Painting, Wealthsimple, Truffle Butter, LEGO Lion Dance and Satin Rollers

It has been a heavy last couple of days and there will be more to come. Everything beauty-related I talk about or post seems tinged with guilt that I should be even thinking about something like this while men are being sent off to fight and women and children are hiding in bomb shelters in Ukraine. Maybe today's #FiveonFriday has a bit more of a purpose because I REALLY felt like I had to find five things that made me smile. 


I FINALLY finished the first diamond painting I purchased last year! I know this activity really came to the forefront of at-home activities during the height of the pandemic, but I only discovered it last summer and went crazy! Now, I realize that it hurts your back and that I either need a lightbox or sunlight to apply the studs properly so while I have two more designs, I don't think I will be buying anymore. I also feel like they look a little chintzy to display on the wall...


I opened up an Invest Wealthsimple account! My husband has had one for awhile and recommended it. I was specifically looking at opening up a TFSA account that could be invested and while I have a TFSA with an insurance company that I contribute $500/month to, I wanted a TFSA account that I could easily add/withdraw money from online which I currently cannot do. I think because it's an insurance company, the procedure is a little different so I actually have to call them whenever I want to contribute more which I find SUPER annoying. I am VERY conservative with my investing so what's nice with Wealthsimple is that I can choose what kind of portfolio I want on a scale of safe to "let 'er rip!" I also started up a new spreadsheet to keep track of my contributions and I am hoping to max it out in the next 2 years!


The only time I had heard about truffle butter was when Nicki Minaj rapped about it, but I don't think this is the same as what I have in my hands here! I love anything truffle flavoured and after adding truffle salt to my life last summer, when I saw white truffle butter at my local Italian deli, this $19 had to be mine for our Valentine's Day smorgasbord! It smells so rich and wonderful that I have just been having this on toast!


LEGO Lion Dance Guy Brickheadz

LEGO Lion Dance Guy Brickheadz

This little LEGO Brickhead was supposed to be released on January 1st in time for Lunar New Year, but was severely delayed. My mom has recently gotten into LEGO and put two on order and we only got a chance to meet up about 2 weeks ago for me to grab it from her. This was very fun to make and I think LEGO did a great job on the lion headdress details! 


Finally, I have been attempting heatless curls in order to save my hair and after the bathrobe curls which did not work out, I got this satin roller set off Amazon to try as the reviews were fairly positive. Ideally, i wanted something I could sleep with and have very little styling to do in the morning. The first time I tried it, half my hair came out so only half my head was curled so I decided to try using it during the day. I chose to do this on my vacation and wore my hair just like this for 4 hours. In that time, I had a delivery I had to go pick up in the lobby which I did pick up, but this guy saw me and got a good laugh as I was running away! The curls were OK, but not as defined/controlled as I would have liked. Suffice it say, heat will always be my friend!

It has been a heavy week Friends and I am afraid for the people of Ukraine, but I will say a prayer for them every night asking for peace, safety and strength. 

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