LIFESTYLE | Five on Friday - Feb.18 - Harry Potter Brickheadz, Booster, SPUD Order, Murderville and Enjoying Nature

This past week I was on a lovely staycation and while parts of it were productive, I was very sloth-like for the majority of it and I guess that's ok! The whole purpose was to catch up on some beauty things, do some beauty clean out (which I did!), read, watch the Olympics and get my movie count going again! 


One of my favourite LEGO themes is most definitely the Brickheadz series! I want them ALL. I love their big eyes and stumpy little bodies and though I have a few more Brickheadz to build, the newest is this quartet of Hagrid, Hermione, Harry and Ron! Harry's eyes look a bit crazy, but I get that they had to incorporate the glasses somehow! In terms of accessories, all three of the kids have their wands and even Hagrid has his famous pink umbrella!


I finally got my Booster! We are not allowed to take photos inside the vaccination area, so no photos here, but I got the half dose Moderna (I had two rounds of Pfizer prior) and was bracing myself for being knocked out for the remainder of the day (I got my shot at 10:45am), but I was completely fine until 12 hours later when I got the chills and achy bones. I think most of us have not been sick in years at this point so this feeling was somewhat foreign to me and made for a restless night despite taking some ibuprofen before bed. 


After long resisting the urge to order groceries online, I was having an IG conversation with Lisa of Solo Lisa about and though I had signed up back in 2019, I felt like a bit of a princess having things delivered to me when I could just walk a block to get what I need from my local grocery store. The pricing on was also a bit more than what I was paying at the time for food so I shelved the idea. Obviously, the pandemic has changed things, but it wasn't until I started seeing food prices starting to soar that I re-evaluated and found that for fresh fruit and vegetables, the prices were either the same or less! The photo above is from our second delivery and I LOVE this service! Everything is super fresh and packing materials are all recycled/reused. I meal plan and add groceries right up until the deadline and will most likely do this twice/month in addition to ordering Chef's Plate 4x/week for dinner. I try to make all my lunches now so having veggies for salads has become really important to me.


Started watching the show Murderville with Will Arnett! This is a murder mystery show that involves bringing in a guest star to help solve a crime, but there is a twist! The guests who are on the show aren't given a script so it's all improv! You see a lot of breaking out of character and impromptu laughter and it makes for a great 30 min watch! What caught my attention was the first guest who was Conan O'Brien who I find hilarious!


My husband and I went for a nice 5km walk around the neighbourhood while the weather was nice which felt really good to do! I can't wait for the days when the sun is out longer and we can go for walks after dinner which are my favourite! I find it helps with digestion and tires me out for bed!

Happy Friday everyone and yay for the weekend! What will you be up to? I have some awesome blogger friends who also do these fun Five on Friday posts so be sure to check out Renee, Jill and Chantal!

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