American Crew Hair Event at Farzad’s Barber Shop

Last month I had the pleasure of attending the American Crew hair event held at Farzad’s Barber Shop in Yaletown. What made this event more unique was that it was for the men so I invited my husband to experience the perks of being married to a beauty blogger! He is also an avid user of American Crew products and already knew all about Farzad’s reputation so I was really the one who needed to be taught a thing or two when I got there!Also, just a few weeks ago it was announced that American Crew has won the Salon Magazine Reader’s Choice Award in the category of Men’s Brands so even though it’s a men’s brand, maybe I should give it a try sometime!


(all photos by Greg Robbins of Lemon Squeeze)


In addition to the standard wash, cut and style, Farzad’s offers a Deluxe Hot Shave using a straight edge blade and several hot towels that looked so relaxing. My husband chose not to do this because he likes his beard and is selective about how it’s groomed. I can empathize as that is now I am with my nails!



This is Farzad looking pretty badass on this motorcycle that I’m guessing no one other than Farzad can sit on!



This is the one picture I was allowed to take of my husband as he wanted his haircut to be conducted without me taking a bunch of pictures! You can see from the ambience that Farzad’s is very warm and not intimidating like a salon. As women, we’re fine with the salon atmosphere, but I think men need one that’s more comforting and easier to navigate. There was a male blogger right beside my husband getting the Deluxe Hot Shave and when he was done his skin looked like a baby’s! The shave was so close and his skin was so soft and smooth that I almost wanted a beard just to experience what he had!

All in all, my husband loved his haircut as well as the experience and was just a ball of American Crew knowledge that made me proud! I had no idea! A big thank you to American Crew, Mary from Revlon Pro Brands and Farzad’s Barber Shop for the invite and for hosting! 

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