April 2014 Favourites


skoah | Pep Talk Body Lotion

This is what I would consider a “medium coverage” moisturizer as it might not be enough for really dry skin or too much for when the weather gets warmer. My main reason for loving this moisturizer? The peppermint scent that leaves my skin with a slight tingle has become an easy favourite for me this past month as the scent leaves me feeling clear-headed and invigorated. Perfect for a morning wake-up call!

Julep | Bare Face Cleansing Oil

I actually started using this thanks to a post from Kalyn a month or two ago. I remembered that I had it in my unused stash of stuff and I’m so glad I brought it out from hibernation! The only other cleansing oil I have been using consistently is the infamous Shu Uemura one, but now that I have used the Julep one, I can finally say that this cleansing oil is a mean competitor! It is a little bit thicker in consistency than the Shu one and doesn’t leave quite as greasy a finish on my skin.

Rainbow Honey | Lavendula Perfume Oil

“French Lavender brightened with sun-filled citrus notes of Lime, Yuzu, and Sweet Orange”. I received a tiny 1mL rollerball (yes, an actual rollerball) in the March Rainbow Honey mystery bag and oh my goodness does this smell good! It is just so DIFFERENT than anything I have ever smelled and I have almost 100 bottles of perfume so that’s really saying something!

Urban Decay | Naked Basics

I don’t even want to talk too much about this palette as I feel like we’ve all talked about UD Naked Palettes enough for both the 20th and 21st centuries, but what I will say is that I now realize the value of having this palette as I am not normally a matte eyeshadow wearer. I have been forcing myself to use just this to see how versatile this palette is and for traveling, this is seriously all you would need!

OPI Nail Lacquer | 18K White Gold Top Coat

This is the coolest top coat ever! I know it’s a little gimmicky and crazy expensive, but the finish is just so cool! It’s like no other!

Stila | Jewel Eye Shadow in Citrine

This is a shimmery pigmented eyeshadow that has virtually no fallout despite how shimmery it is. I love wearing brown eyeshadow so the extra shimmer is a great way to spice things up!

See you next month!

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