Montagne Jeunesse Masque Challenge | Week 5: Pressed Sea Kelp Dead Sea Mud Spa Masque

Welcome to the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Montagne Jeunesse Masque Challenge!

This is the last week of our Montagne Jeunesse challenge and this week’s mask was probably the one I was most curious about because the Pressed Sea Kelp Dead Sea Mud Spa Masque ($2.49) is a fabric that is soaked in mud. Love it.

Introducing new ground-breaking face masques that deliver a unique, enhanced cleansing experience. Specially sourced clays are infused into natural bamboo fabric making deep cleansing your skin quicker, easier and more convenient than ever before - creating a whole new type of face masque, a world's first in face care.

Dead Sea Mud rich in minerals, draws out impurities and opens blocked pores.

Dead Sea Salt known for healing and therapeutic effects.

Seaweed restores moisture levels & revitalizes and firms skin leaving it hydrated and cleansed.

Kelp packed with vitamins and minerals keeping skin nourished & moisturized, it also helps regenerate skin cells and helps with anti-aging.


Although it doesn’t say directly what skin type this mask is for, it is a very hydrating mask so normal to dry skin types will definitely be okay and even oily skin types as this mask is also quite clarifying. 


Comfort: 4/5 – Sheet masks can feel a little funny at times and they tend to lift from the sides especially around the chin over time. I love sheet masks, but that's probably the one thing I find slightly annoying. The fabric of this masque though was fairly stretchy and soft to wear. Be sure to not place the masque too close to your eyes as they might start to water from the fragrance. I routinely get watery eyes from using peppermint-infused sheet masks from placing the eye holes to close to my eyes!

Aroma: 3/5 – It is quite fragrant. I can't quite describe the fragrance, but it is quite perfume-like.

Results: 4/5 – My skin felt moisturized, not too dry, but not quite as hydrated as when I used the Olive Oil Mud Masque.

Ease of Use: 5/5 – I found this masque super easy to apply as I thought chunks of mud would be falling off the fabric, but that was not the case. Everything was where it should be and stayed there! Removal was also easy for me as the key to clay masks is to re-wet any dry areas so that you are removing a paste as opposed to dry hard bits. I call it “re-animating the clay”.

Total Score for Dead Sea Mud Spa Masque: 16/20

Montagne Jeunesse masques can be found at London Drugs, Wal-Mart, select Familiprix, select Lawtons Drugs and select Value Drug Marts.

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