Trust Fund Beauty | Bouquet Brawl and Born Pretty Water Decal Nail Art

I do love me some water decals and today I have some chic and sophisticated nail art from Born Pretty paired off with a girly pearly pink polish from one of my new favourite nail polish companies, Trust Fund Beauty! I started off with two coats of Bouquet Brawl which is a colour and finish of nail polish I do not wear very often. I am not a pearly person, but taking my personal feelings out of it, this applied beautifully and made my hands look like a delicate ballerina.

trust fund beauty bouquet brawl born pretty decals

born pretty water decals

These water decals have a number of really neat patterns that reminded me so much of the stamping that I am mega fail at. Water decals I CAN do so I had high hopes for these!

trust fund beauty bouquet brawl born pretty decals

Once the polish was dry, I cut the rectangular patterns to fit my nails and dissolved them in water to release the water decal. I found these decals a little bit stiffer than other ones I have worked with and actually had to use a hair dryer on them to shrink the edges and smooth them down. Other than that, the decals were great and I love that there were a number of different patterns on one sheet to choose from! The customization part is both good and bad depending on how much work you want to put into your water decals, but I found them fun and easy to use and will continue to work them into my nail art for many years to come!


PR samples sent for review.

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