*Mother’s Day* Calgon | Hawaiian Ginger Refreshing Body Mist

When I think of Calgon, I think of amazingly fruity scents or my favourites, the ones that smell like birthday cake and vanilla cupcakes! I have purchased a couple of scents in the past, but now that I am a little older, I prefer scents that don’t make me smell like a baby prostitute (Mean Girls forever!) so why not this Mother’s Day, treat your mom to the Hawaiian Ginger Refreshing Body Mist from Calgon


To me, the scent definitely reminds me of summer and sunshine as Hawaiian Ginger smells both floral and like melons! This body mist stays on my skin at most 2 hours and would probably last much longer when layered with a body lotion. I think this is a great scent for warmer weather as it is refreshing and not heavy and oppressive.

Are you looking forward to bringing out your summer body sprays again?  Do you think this is a scent your mom would like?

PR sample provided for review.

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