Blancreme | Strawberry Body Scrub and Strawberry Pomegranate Soufflé Body Cream

I was first introduced to the bath and body company Blancreme last month when I had the pleasure of meeting with the individuals responsible for bringing this delectable family-run company from France all the way to Vancouver. Blancreme is already fairly well-known in Europe and is just making its way into the Canadian market. The very first thing I noticed about each product in the line is the use of colour, scent and food-like packaging that IMMEDIATELY made me want to use/eat everything! It actually says on some of the bottles to not ingest because that’s how much like food these products resemble! Blancreme products are also paraben-free.





Today we will start with one of my favourite scents – Strawberry!



First up is the Strawberry Body Scrub (175mL/$28.00) which is made with real strawberries (!!) and contains Vitamins A, B and C. This honestly smelled like real strawberry jam and when I rubbed this on my skin, it was exfoliating and melting into my skin. My skin felt so conditioned after coming out of the shower that even though I didn’t feel the need to moisturize, I knew I wanted to since there was a matching body lotion!


I HAD to follow up the body scrub with the matching Strawberry Pomegranate Soufflé Body Cream (175ml/$30.00) which, you guessed it, also smelled like real strawberries. Perhaps even a little more creamy in scent than real strawberries which ain’t a bad thing! All of the soufflé body creams contain shea butter, avocado oil and sweet almond oil and absorbed fairly quickly into my skin.

I have a couple of other products from Blancreme to review and so far I am impressed by the quality of the packaging (glass bottles) as well as the realism of the textures and scents. Although this is a fairly new brand to North America, I think it’ll do well based on their incredibly attractive packaging and of course the quality of the products themselves. Pricing is on the more luxurious end when it comes to bath products, but if you’re not going to be spoiling yourself, these would make PERFECT gifts for both the bath and kitchen! Just make sure you rinse out the bottles well before putting food inside!

Blancreme products are currently available at Beauty Mark.

PR samples provided for review.

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