*Mother’s Day* Lush | Mumkin Bubble Bar

Mother’s Day is in exactly one week and leave it to Lush to once again come out with the cutest, most wonderful-scented products to give to one of the most important women in your life! Today I have the Mumkin Bubble Bar ($6.95) which is a fan favourite from last year and I can see why! She is the cutest little pink creation and I love her bright orange “leaves”.

Mumkins are cute, friendly and love to be crumbled under the tap to bring you mountains of fruity bubbles. Each Mumkin smells of raspberries with bergamot, lemon and violet leaf oils to brighten your day. Chocolate drops for eyes and a candy stalk stick make these the most adorable bars we've ever crumbled into our tubs. Made just for Mums on Mother's Day, but irresistible to everyone else!


Mumkin smells fruity, but not in an overly sweet way. It almost smells slightly floral as well. According to the product description, this bubble bar is meant to turn bathwater into a lovely deep pink, but it definitely wasn’t that colour for me. It was more of a dark orange that didn’t look too appealing on camera despite the bubbles and how good everything smelled! I tried crumbling Mumkin, but realized I wanted ALL THE BUBBLES so I just dunked the whole thing under running water and got ready to relax. This is the perfect gift for mom or really anyone who likes a more subdued fruity scent.

All Lush Mother’s Day items are limited time so be sure to pick something up for Mom this week!

PR sample sent for review.

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