Soap & Glory | Heel Genius Foot Cream

Now that I have started exfoliating my feet and taking better care of them, what better time to introduce an awesome foot cream like Soap & Glory Heel Genius ($16.00)! This foot cream is a potent mix of: macadamia oil, bilberry, orange and lemon fruit acid smoothers, glycerin and menthol that all work in harmony to give you baby soft feet.



This is the first foot cream I have ever used that is BLUE in colour AND does not smell like peppermint. The scent itself is very fragrant with the macadamia oil really standing out to me with slightly fruitier/floral scents fading in and out.

Final Verdict: The menthol in Heel Genius replaces peppermint’s purpose for me so that it still leaves my feet feeling refreshed. You almost need something minty in any foot cream just to provide some sort of relief or feeling of relaxation. The texture is more like a gel allowing it to be absorbed quickly which I am grateful for as by bedtime, the last thing I want to be doing is waiting for my feet to dry!

I tried using socks to “seal in the moisture” overnight, but socks make me way too hot so I have just been using this foot cream like a regular moisturizer which has worked as well. This foot cream is great if you have slightly rough heels and other lightly callused areas as I feel like it has done a great job of maintaining my feet at sandal-ready levels, but if your feet are in really bad shape, I’d take a more “tough love” route and give them a good scrub first! There is also quite a bit of product in this tube (125mL) so if you’re like me you’ll probably be set for most of the year!


PR sample sent for review.

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