*Mother’s Day* Lush | Wonder Woohoo Bubble Bar

Glitter. I don’t think I will ever tire of it and I’m sure any mother will appreciate a bubble bar inspired by Wonder Woman! I may not be a mom, but all I know is that having children takes a certain sacrifice so let’s celebrate those special women in our lives Lush-style with the Wonder Woman Woohoo Bubble Bar ($6.95).

Inspired by Wonder Woman and created for wonder women! Mums can channel their inner superhero when using this bubble bar, covered in gold sparkle to replicate Wonder Woman’s gold tiara! Packed full of sandalwood and Brazilian orange oil from our best selling Gorilla Perfume, The Sun,Wonder Woohoo is ideal for overworked super mums in need of a little time to recharge and rejuvenate.


This was enough for 2 baths for me, but I think to get sparkly golden bathwater you need to crumble the entire bar. I just used half and the bubbles were already pretty outta control and yet my bathwater was still clear. This scent is totally up my alley as I adore citrus and more energizing scents so having it smell like Brazilian orange was perfect! This bubble bar left a glitter ring once I drained the tub, so be sure to scrub afterwards!

All Lush Mother’s Day items are limited time so be sure to pick something up for Mom this week!

PR sample sent for review.

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