April 2014 Empties

Empties have been tougher to complete thanks to the product testing. I haven’t been able to use one product for more than 2 weeks at time, but I’m not complaining! It just makes me want to work even harder at reducing my pile of product! I remember that one month where I had 40 empties. It was epic.


1. Joe Fresh | Nail Polish Remover (350mL)Thumbs up

This reminded me so much of the Zoya nail polish that this is all I have been using! It’s a hell of a lot cheaper than the Zoya one and although it doesn’t smell quite as good, it sure does the job and is ALSO purple!

2. skoah | Hydradew MaskThumbs up

I love you Hydradew. I have converted a couple of people to this mask and it is the number one reason I have the skin I do! It’s a mask, a makeup primer, moisturizer and makes facial extractions pretty much painless.

3. Origins | Lime & Geranium Hand Lotion (30mL)Thumbs down

I got this in a Christmas trio in 2012 and as unique as the scent was, I got bored with it after awhile and struggled to finish this up, but I eventually did it!

4. Virga Botanicals | Gentle Creamy Facial Cleanser (30mL)Thumbs down

I received this in a past Natural Box and although it was very creamy, I’m happy with the cleanser I have so I won’t be repurchasing for a very long time.

5. Rainbow Honey | Nail Honey Hand Cream (0.5 fl oz)Thumbs up

I love all of Rainbow Honey’s scents and this hand cream is no exception! It smells fruity and contains shea butter for super hydrated hands after a gorgeous manicure!

6. skoah | skoap (30g)Thinking smile

This is a glycerin soap that smells like “classic soap” which I do enjoy, but there are so many bar soaps in the world that it would take a lot to get me to buy this.

7. Vichy | Neovadiol Magistral Densifying Nourishing Balm (3mL)Thinking smile

This is VERY VERY hydrating. Probably the most hydrating moisturizer I have ever used so the 3mL went a long way. I don’t think my skin is ready for this level of hydration so I will wait until I am older and look it up again in 10 years!

8. Kaia Naturals | Juicy Bamboo Facial Cleansing Cloths (30 cloths)Thumbs up

I’ve talked about how much I love these cloths and as this is my second pack, my opinion has not changed. They are a little small in terms of square footage, but they are one of the few wipes that really make my skin feel cleansed without drying it out.

9. Blancreme | Strawberry Body Scrub (40mL)Thumbs up

I just reviewed this and really loved it! It was like exfoliating with strawberry jam with real seeds! It also left my skin lightly moisturized.

10. Blancreme | Strawberry Pomegranate Souffle Body Cream (40mL)Thumbs up

I use this in conjunction with the body scrub and was a great way to keep that fresh strawberry scent lingering.

11. Montagne Jeunesse | Hot Chocolate Mask (15g)Thumbs up

This smells just like chocolate and oranges and felt and smelled like I was spooning chocolate sauce on my face. Everyone should try this at least once just because it feels so luxurious!

12. Fruits & Passion Cucina | Coriander and Olive Tree Regenerating Hand Cream (7mL)Thumbs up

I quite like the entire Cucina line especially their hand soaps and their hand cream is very hydrating. It takes awhile to absorb, but is meant for chefs who wash their hands a lot.

13. Neutrogena | Glycerine Soap (50g)Thumbs up

There is something comforting about using a plain old bar of glycerine soap. This leaves you squeaky clean and I tend to buy these for my husband whose skin responds better to glycerin soap.

14. Jean Pierre | Nail Polish Remover Wipe (1 wipe)Thumbs down

While this certainly worked, I hated the smell. It was so strong! For one pad, it just smelled insanely strong.

Empties haven’t been great for me the last few months, but I am determined to make a dent in some samples at the very least!

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